Visiting Dubai and Expo 2020

The island welcoming digital nomads, favourite rail trips in Europe, and more travel reads.

DUBAI - This is my third time in Dubai, but my first proper visit. I’ve been here on stopovers in the middle of summer when it is basically insane to go outside. I just so happen to be here during Expo 2020, and the ticket was included in my flydubai flight. This was just good timing to be here, just like I happened to be in Shanghai for the 2010 expo. Of course, I went to see the pavilion of my homeland (pictured below).

I have to recalibrate my travels before moving on, so I will be spending the rest of the month here. This will give me a chance to fully explore the city, write some guides, critique the urban planning, and eat all the Indian food. I will not be doing this though!

[Dubai Expo 2020 (@nomadicnotes).]

COVID-19 and travel

Europe is back at the epicenter of the pandemic,’ a W.H.O. official says.

I had hoped to retire this section by 2021. Sigh.

Prime Minister of Laos orders full-scale preparations for national reopening

More countries in Southeast Asia are trying to work out a reopening plan.

Assorted travel reads

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‘I love you in your madness’: Crisis-hit Lebanon unveils slogan in bid to lure back tourists

There is no way to sugarcoat the disaster unfolding in Lebanon, so kudos to them for leaning into their situation. It reminds me of the old slogan of the Irish rail operator Iarnród Éireann, "We're not there yet, but we're getting there".

Hotel Paradiso, Paris: The world's first cinema-hotel turns every room into a private cinema

Ahmad built a $100,000 flight simulator in his Sydney shop to keep his aviation dream alive

Europe's most beautiful towns

50 Pics That Prove Iceland Is Unlike Any Other Country

Photographing the diverse beauty of North Bengal

You’ll be changed forever by this journey’: readers’ favourite rail trips

This and more European rail articles was featured in my Europe Rail Newsetter.

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