Travel Newsletter - Happy New Year 2021 edition

Updates on travel in 2021, the McTrain, the man who walked across Africa, and more travel reads.

Hello and happy new year from Ho Chi Minh City! After 2020 trashed the travel world I’m not making any predictions for a recovery timeline. My only travel goal is for Australia by Christmas. Until we know more I’ll keep posting travel news and reads here at the Nomadic Notes Travel Newsletter.

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COVID-19 and travel (or lack thereof)

I hope that I can retire this category in 2021, but for now there is still a long way to go before travel resembles some kind of normality.

9 ways the pandemic will change travel in 2021

“As 2020 ends, and with vaccination against the coronavirus ramping up, would-be travelers wonder what they can expect in the coming year, and beyond. Here’s what we know.”

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Travel news

China’s new airline takes flight for the first time with domestically-made jetliner

Assorted travel reads

The McTrain: The rise and fall of McDonald's ambitious plan to conquer the railroads

The man who walked 12,000 kilometers across the African continent

Koh Trong: A Mekong island showcasing rural Cambodia at its most lovely

Man shares blog post on experiences he's had while travelling abroad with a Pakistani passport

I had to sort out my visa situation this week, though overall it wasn’t a big deal. It’s good to be reminded of the privilege of my Australian passport.

A love letter to Jakarta

My friend Treen has been living in Jakarta for over a decade. This is her goodbye letter.

A trucker’s photographic ode to America

An incredible 4K compilation of planes taking off and landing above Maho Beach, St Maarten

The dog and cat ambassadors at luxury hotels and resorts make a career of being cute

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