Travel Newsletter - 4 December 2020

The proposed new airport for Bali, Iceland, cycling the world's most dangerous road, Tuvalu, another €1 home deal in Italy, an ancient city in Saudi Arabia, and more.

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City! Here is this week’s assorted travel reads and updates.

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COVID-19 and travel (or lack thereof)

The empty Spanish resorts of Covid summer

“In his photo series “Discoteca,” photographer Francois Prost captures eerie scenes from Spain’s beach towns, built for crowds of tourists that the pandemic kept away.”

Quarantine in Thailand: The good, the bad and the boring

“Thai returnee from Germany describes quiet stay in once-raucous Pattaya.”

How to pretend you’re in Paris tonight

An ultramarathoner is running every street in her Seattle neighborhood

Travel news

The Points Guy owner Red Ventures buys Lonely Planet

As a Lonely Planet user and fan, it makes me sad every time the brand changes hands. Lonely Planet was sold to BBC Worldwide in 2007. It was then sold to NC2 Media in 2013. Hopefully, the new owners can make it work.

Smaller long-haul planes are the future of flying -- but also its past

Canada's famed Rocky Mountaineer train expands to the American West

Another picture-perfect Italian village is selling homes for €1

Assorted travel reads

North Bali International Airport

North Bali International Airport (Bandara International Bali Baru) is a proposed second airport in the north of Bali, Indonesia.

The cold blood of Iceland

“The American artist Roni Horn first visited Iceland in 1975, when she was nineteen. Since that initial journey, she has returned to the island nation, both in person and through art, time and again; she has described Iceland as “a force, a force that had taken possession of me.””


“When photographer Forest Woodward traveled to Tuvalu in 2016 with his brother, Canyon, he found a place that was experiencing the effects of climate change firsthand. He also found a place where sunscreen and ATMs are unknown, “where the most curious and wide-eyed children you have ever met run free, dive for fish, climb for coconuts, and ask, ‘What is the United States?’ ””

Inside Bali's saddest, most abandoned theme park

What's it like cycling the world's most dangerous road?

The forgotten Hawaiian islands in Canada

“British Columbia’s Gulf Islands are testament of an era when, during a period of internal strife, Hawaiian royalty left their tropical home for distant islands.”

Get a bird’s-eye view of UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the globe

Hegra, an ancient city in Saudi Arabia untouched for millennia, makes its public debut

In Pictures: Yemen’s ‘Manhattan of the Desert’ risks collapse

Hotels fit for a KGB officer: Soviet cities in the twilight - in pictures

“Many modernist buildings from the Soviet period are being destroyed, but Russian photographer Arseniy Kotov hopes to preserve their memory with these shots of sloping cinemas and rooms under surveillance.”

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