Travel Newsletter - 31 July, 2020

The emerging beach city of Quy Nhon in Vietnam, digital nomadism going mainstream, tourist space ships, a seaside ghost town, and clown motels.

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After enjoying the last few months of travel in Vietnam, it looks like the party is over for now. New cases have been detected in Da Nang, and the city has been closed down for tourism. There was one new case in Saigon that has been traced back to the Da Nang case, and we are bracing for a partial closure again like we experienced in April. I’m at least glad to be somewhere that is taking this seriously.

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I was meant to be in Phan Thiet by the beach today, but after 99 days of no local cases, the virus has reappeared in Vietnam. Hopefully it is contained swiftly again, but I am braced for another lockdown.
July 29, 2020

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