Con Dao - the former prison island in paradise

Cebu monorail plans, a ghost town in Spain, old-school travel writing, the Norway of Arabia, and more travel reads.

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City. Today is the Reunification Day holiday in Vietnam, though it’s a normal workday for me (and thankfully for my local cafe). We just recorded the first local COVID-19 cases in 35 days, so once again we wait to see if this is contained quickly.

I haven’t travelled for nearly a month, so I’ve made a good dent in my backlog of blog posts. This week I’ve published my trip report to Con Dao. I think that once travel opens up again, Con Dao will be more popular than ever. This is in part due to new flights that have made the remote islands more accessible. As you will see in the post, you can now fly from Con Dao to Da Nang. I personally rank the little town in Con Dao as just below Hoi An, so this might become a popular itinerary option when planning a north-south trip in Vietnam.

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