Travel Newsletter: 3 September 2021

Bangkok's Chinatown, Ascension Island, €1 homes in Italy, hitchhiking, hobos, and more travel reads.

Greetings from Rijeka, where up until 2 weeks ago I didn’t even know was a place. I’m amazed that it isn’t more well-known, but then again there are many places on the Croatian coast that are competing for international attention. I will do a write up about it soon.

When I was in Zagreb I crossed paths with a fellow travel fiend, Matt Kepnes aka Nomadic Matt. I’ve known Matt for over a decade so it was good to catch up. It occurred to me afterwards that I hadn’t seen a friend in person for over 8 weeks. 6 of those weeks were in hard lockdown in Saigon, where the only people I spoke to were from the supermarket, my landlord, and hospital vaccination staff. I will be in a few different places in Croatia, so I will seek to meet people in order to remember how to talk in person again.

[Matt and James, Zagreb.]

This week’s article chronicles the month that was, and how it came to pass that I ended up in Croatia.

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Where I’m At: September 2021 – Zagreb

COVID-19 and travel

70 percent of adults in the European Union have been fully vaccinated.

Vietnam’s Tourism Advisory Board proposes trial of countrywide travel pass

I think so kind of travel pass like this will be used throughout Southeast Asia next year.

Assorted travel reads

Where the rivers meet

“Pilgrims have long sought in India’s holiest city an antidote to the modern West, but Varanasi is more dream than reality.”

One of the world’s largest Chinatowns is evolving without forgetting its past

“The pandemic accelerated change in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Now, it is on a quest to redefine its identity.”

Putrajaya: The capital city you've never heard of

Patagonia, adorned in Autumn

“Southern Chile’s snow-capped mountains, vast plains and windswept lakes are often depicted in summertime. See the landscape dressed in autumnal hues.”

A photographer gives an inside look at the fall of Kabul, her longtime home

Ascension Island’s remarkable ecological transformation

“In the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, thousands of miles from practically anywhere, lies an isolated volcanic island called Ascension.”

2021 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year winners

A new look at the hobo

“The United Statess has forgotten the hobo. We recognize the problem of homelessness, but the rootless rambler who steals rides on freight trains seems a relic of a long gone past.” (Via The Browser.)

The world's best UNESCO World Heritage sites: One man's mission to visit them all

Hitchhiking by train to Amtrak’s ghost town

Jet ski rider Lindsay Warner on mission to ride around Australia alone

• Tehran in One Minute. A creative production by 4rah.videos. #Iran#Tehran

Living abroad

An Interview with Matt Ketchum of Akiya & Inaka

I have featured news stories of cheap houses for sale in Japan (like $500 cheap). Akiya & Inaka is a consultancy that guides you through the akiya (vacant homes in Japan) purchasing process.

Digital nomads are here to save Spain’s ghost towns

“Dozens of villages across Spain are in terminal decline. A new visa scheme aimed at digital nomads could revive them.”

Village near Rome joins Italy's €1 home sell-off

Here are the destinations in Europe paying digital nomads to work there

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