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Nomadic Notes monthly update, the Falklands, hiking the Dolomites, haunted hotel rooms, Barcelona from above.

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Hello from Ninh Binh, Vietnam. I’ve been meaning to visit here for years, so with my travels limited to Vietnam I finally got here. Check my Instagram (below) for updates, and I will write about it soon.

This week I posted my monthly round up, and here are the best travel reads I found online.

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Where I’m At: July, 2020 – Thanh Hoa edition. My monthly summary of where I’ve been and site news.

COVID-19 news and travel (or lack thereof)

The trampling of Venice shows why tourism must change after Covid-19

This pretty Italian village is giving tourists free accommodation if they visit this year

Coronavirus has ushered in the airport of the future

“With new tech like robot janitors, thermal cameras, and health passports at their disposal, the world's flight hubs—and air travel as we know it—will never be the same.”

Cheap flights for the next two years on long-haul routes likely amid low demand for tickets, as domestic trips in Asia lead aviation’s weak recovery

What Bangkok tourist attractions look like after COVID-19

Assorted travel reads

How prosperity transformed the Falklands

“Once a distant outpost of the British Empire, the islands have become a global crossroads. In the season of the coronavirus, the intimate communities may evolve yet again.”

Letter from Olsztyn: the curious, complex history of a German-Polish border town

How to reverse the 'colonial gaze' when you travel

From statues to toothpaste, the Myanmar village 'blessed' with marble bounty

The Greek airport that was left to fall apart

The haunting beauty of a hut-to-hut hike in the Dolomites

“With their colossal limestone walls and gloriously green valleys, Italy’s Dolomites are home to some of the world’s most majestic scenery — and mountain huts called rifugios make it all the more accessible.”

Vienna, city of paradox

“How did the city of elegant classicism give birth to an explosive modernism, threatening to destroy its very traditions?”

Forbidden! These hotel rooms are so haunted that guests aren’t allowed to stay in them

Breathtaking aerial shots of Barcelona, revealing the city’s symmetry

Exploring Asia’s ‘last frontier’: hiking, biking and rafting through Myanmar’s Chin state

A giant red fox by artist Florentijn Hofman towers over Rotterdam


The largest city in each 10-by-10 degree area of latitude-longitude in the world

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I was cycling along when I saw this team of ducks being lead to a rice field. They were too quick to get a group photo, as they went on a feeding frenzy once they were near the rice. Within seconds all you could see were white spots moving through the rice as they hunted for insects. Beats using pesticide.
July 1, 2020

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