Travel Newsletter - 26 March 2021

The unexpectedly agreeable port/border town of Ha Tien, the future bullet train in Java, countries that don't exist, travel guidebooks we still love, an Icelandic volcano, and more travel reads.

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City. Today our virus-free bubble popped again when it was discovered that two people with the virus entered the country via a fishing boat from Cambodia. Hopefully, we can maintain control here, because the vaccine rollout is going slow. If all goes to plan Vietnam might even start allowing foreign tourists by July. Thailand or Taiwan is on my short wishlist, but I’m still maintaining the position that I won’t be able to travel until the end of the year.

Meanwhile at Nomadic Notes, I’ve been getting through my backlog of domestic Vietnam travel, and as usual, I’ve found a bunch of great travel reads for future travel inspiration.

Latest posts at Nomadic Notes

Notes on Ha Tien – An unexpectedly agreeable port and border town

Ha Tien is a coastal city in the far Southwestern corner of Vietnam, next to the Cambodian border.

COVID-19 and travel (or lack thereof)

Ask LP: What countries can I travel to if I’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine?

Work from a Bali beach: Indonesia plans digital nomad visa to boost its coronavirus-hit tourism sector

“New five-year visa would enable foreigners to live and work in the country without a work permit.”

A traveler’s worst nightmare: when your Covid-19 test comes back positive

Why Indians are trading cities for promise of a relaxed life in Goa (but the locals aren’t happy)

“The coronavirus pandemic has spurred many Indians to move to the popular tourist destination in search of ‘susegad’ – a content, quiet life.”

Assorted travel reads

Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway

This is what it's like to live in a country ‘that doesn't exist’

“6.5 million people across Europe are trying to live normal lives in countries mostly unrecognised by the rest of the world.”

Landscapes of Armenia

“Mountains and plains, red earth and clouds.”

Bolivia's little-known tribal kingdom

The travel guidebooks we still love

“A decade ago it looked as if guidebooks would not survive the digital age. But well-written, authoritative titles have defied the odds and continue to thrive - they ignite the imagination.”

Landlocked microstate Andorra might soon get its own airport: The approach looks challenging

I had planned to visit Andorra the last two times I visited Barcelona, but I was enjoying my time so much there that I didn’t make time to visit. I’m glad I haven’t been yet as I like that I still have some European countries I haven’t visited. If there was a train there I would have gone long ago, but with a potential airport, that at least would be one way to get an elusive Andorra passport stamp.

How Cold War fears helped create Helsinki’s subterranean paradise

“The Finnish capital’s city-within-a-city has a church, a hockey rink, and stockpiles of life-saving supplies.”

The palatial ruins of the first Western Black monarchy

It’s time we all agree that the middle armrests belong to the middle seat

The crumbling splendor of Bangkok’s Chinatown preserved in badass Airbnb listings (Photos)

Once a state secret, these Albanian bunkers are now museums

“Creative ideas and art transport Tirana, Albania’s lively capital city, far from its Communist past.”

Kang village – 3000-years of settlement – Iran

How NFTs could change travel

This long-dormant Icelandic volcano is active - and people are hiking to see it

And here is an amazing view of the volcano via drone.

And there is also a webcam live from Geldingadalir volcano, Iceland.

The elevator tide that costs $0.46 per floor

“…which of the world’s tallest building that are open to the public offer the best ticket price to height value for visiting their viewing decks?”

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