Travel Newsletter - 24 July, 2020

A beachside backpackers in a fishing village in Vietnam, South Georgia Island, art Deco in Central Africa, parks in Pakistan, and the Meiji Shrine Forest in Tokyo.

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Life’s a Beach Bai Xep – The beachside backpackers in a fishing village in Vietnam

Backpacker guesthouse review of Life’s a Beach Bai Xep in Quy Nhon, Vietnam - a beachside backpacker accommodation in a fishing village.

COVID-19 and travel (or lack thereof)

How coronavirus is reshaping Europe's tourism hotspots

“The collapse of visitor numbers amid the pandemic offers cities a new opportunity to rethink their business model.”

Kleon Papadimitriou cycles 3500 km from Scotland to Greece after COVID-19 sees flights cancelled

Stuck at home? Send your scream of frustration to the wilds of Iceland

In an empty Japanese ballpark, a robot army cheers for the players

“Japan’s baseball parks may be empty at games thanks to coronavirus but that hasn’t stopped the game’s most tireless supporters from putting on a show.”

Travel news

The last Qantas Boeing 747 leaves a flourish in the sky as it says goodbye to Australia

Georgia is enticing adventurous digital nomads with new visa policy

Pakistan announces 15 national parks to protect green areas, create jobs

Taiwan's China Airlines looks ready to change its name

“The Taiwanese flag-carrier moves closer to a rebranding from the confusing 'China Airlines'.”

Assorted travel reads

An abandoned British island reclaimed by nature

“With no permanent residents and millions of animals, South Georgia island is one of the world’s most biodiverse places. Yet, few Brits have ever heard of it.”

Discover the planet’s last few ‘naturally quiet’ places

“From Taiwan to Washington state, peaceful places remind us that quiet has the power to heal, especially in these pandemic times.”

The Art Deco capital of Central Africa

“In Bukavu, beautiful buildings have an ugly colonial history. But locals want to save them.”

Discover the beauty of Georgia’s moveable wooden homes

“In the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains you’ll find Georgia’s first “flat pack” architecture”

The new Siberians

“As heat waves induced by climate change roil the Arctic Circle, Siberians are articulating a distinct identity.”

We designed this surreal and trippy passageway in Amsterdam to show the city’s free spirit

Creating Serenity: The construction of the Meiji Shrine Forest

“The forest surrounding Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine appears ancient, but it was created a century ago in a nationwide effort. Led by a team that included forestry experts and landscape architects, the project aimed to make a self-sustaining woodland that would stand for eternity.”

Photographer updates postcards of 1960s resorts into their abandoned ruins

Life is a highway: 14 great articles about road trips

“Hit the highway with this collection of some of our favorite reads about epic road trips.”

What it's really like to buy a €1 Italian home

making friends is hard! 🎶 music by Moby 🎶 #cascadiaexplored #pnwdiscovered #folkgreen #olympicnationalpark
July 2, 2020


A view of the Earth with the middle of the Pacific Ocean as the centre point 🤯

Why paper maps matter in the digital age

“A glance at the research reveals that there are distinct advantages to using print maps.”

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Alley wandering in Saigon, with the pink church as viewed from Pasteur St.
July 19, 2020

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