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Sam Son Beach in Northern Vietnam, a futuristic vision of Melaka, Eiffel Tower alternatives, flying trains, visiting every country in Africa.

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Notes on Sam Son Beach – The hyper-local resort city in Northern Vietnam

Sam Son is a beach city in northern Vietnam, 16 km east of Thanh Hoa City (which is 150 km south of Hanoi). Sam Son Beach is what could be a called a hyper-local tourism destination. This is when a destination relies almost exclusively on visitors within a small catchment area.

COVID-19 and travel (or lack thereof)

My Robinson Crusoe fantasy in a beach den hideaway

“Susan Smillie has spent the past three years living on her beloved sailing boat. But when the lockdown hit, she built a den from flotsam – and started living as a castaway.”

Meet the digital nomads swapping office life for lockdown paradise

“As the pandemic rages on, hordes of remote workers are flocking to the ancient city of Tulum in Mexico seeking Insta-perfect beaches and speedy Wi-Fi.”

Ten American towns that feel like Europe

Some of these are a bit of a stretch, but if you are in the US and having Europe withdrawals then these places may help.

The Swedish staycation obsession

“Swedes have long embraced their version of staycations: hemester. Now, Covid-19 travel restrictions and remote working are reshaping the tradition.”

The rise and fall of Cambodia’s Pub Street, the most notorious party strip in the country

“Pub Street, in Cambodia’s north-western city of Siem Reap, is still almost empty of revellers despite the area having reopened in June following pandemic closures.”

8 ways economy class might look different in the future to keep passengers safe

Indonesia's coronavirus COVID-19 visa changes leave Aussies scrambling to pay for an extension ahead of deadline

Travel news

Night train will return to the Netherlands end of 2020

Forget Spain. Super-yachts are flocking to Croatia and Turkey

In case you were wondering where to take your super-yacht this summer.

Chocolate snow falls on Swiss town after ventilation defect at Lindt factory

Some parts of Switzerland are so chocolate-box perfect that of course it snows chocolate.

When I was living in Switzerland with my girlfriend at the time, we visited the Lindt factory. They have free samples there, so I was loading up her big winter coat with Lindt balls.

Assorted travel reads

Future Melaka – Construction and transport projects in Malacca, Malaysia

Most visitors to Melaka associate the city with the UNESCO World Heritage old town area. Outside the historic centre there are plans for Dubai-esque man-made islands and new urban areas.

The story behind the Eiffel Tower’s forgotten competitors

The 20 greatest beach towns in America

Why I love Beirut

How we used to travel in the days before smart phones

Icelandic turf houses are old-school green with a Viking twist

Meet the adventurer: Mario Rigby on serendipity, sustainability and celebrating difference

“Modern-day explorer and travel personality Mario Rigby spent more than two years walking across Africa. We talk to him about his expedition, as well as his keen advocacy for a more diverse, eco-conscious travel landscape.”

I have featured Mario before on this newsletter as his journey was one of my favourite Africa travel blogs to follow.

Speaking of epic Africa trips, I’ll be following the updates of Nick from 5410Africa, who is planning to visit all 54 African countries over a period of 10 years in a 2000 Toyota Hilux.

The man living at an international airport

“Takao Shito is a farmer living in the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan. Unlike other farmers who left when the airport was built in the 1960s, he chose to stay and continue to cultivate his farmland.”

Classic roadside motels have nostalgia factor but are under pressure from Airbnbs and luxury high rises

The Flying Train (1902) | MoMA FILM VAULT SUMMER CAMP

This “flying train” is the Wuppertal Schwebebahn, and it still operates today. I visited Wuppertal in 2016 when I did a one month Eurail trip. Urgh, I miss travelling around Europe.

[I visited Wuppertal just to see this train.]

Hong Kong in the 70s and 80s

33 years of changing China as seen through the lens of a Scottish photographer

30 funny Tweets by chronic overpackers

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The eye hospital of Ho Chi Minh City at the former Clinique Saint Paul building.
August 16, 2020

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