Travel Newsletter - 2020 Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas from Saigon (or ho ho ho from Ho Chi Minh City).

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, wherever you are celebrating. I know for many it’s not a particularly merry one, so I hope you get some joy out of the day.

After speaking with my family in Australia, I joined some expat friends in Saigon for a somewhat traditional lunch.

I’m now in my favourite chocolate cafe sending this. I was debating sending this at Christmas, but I truly enjoy curating travel reads every week, and I want to see how many unbroken weeks in a row I can send a newsletter.

[Marou Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City.]

I also had a schedule for blog posts over the new year, but my brain has shut down for the season. I will resume blogging in the new year. See you in 2021!

COVID-19 and travel (or lack thereof)

What the vaccine distribution timeline means for travel

“When will we be able to take international trips again? Medical and travel experts weigh in.”

Two weeks in Korean government quarantine

Lonely Planet writers look ahead to 2021 and the first trips they can take

How to pretend you’re in Singapore tonight

“You can feel like you are in the Lion City with a little work in the kitchen, the right book and some time in front of the TV.”

Assorted travel reads

A passage to Pakistan: My first adventure with GeoEx

Travel writer Don George has unearthed his diaries from a trip in 1990 to Hunza, in northern Pakistan.

A beginner’s guide to Italian ghost towns selling houses for €1

A guide if you are dreaming of turning one of those 1 Euro homes into a holiday home.

Supersonic dreams: how Qantas almost flew the Concorde

“Some 60 years ago, the Flying Kangaroo was eager to get hopping faster than the speed of sound.”

Selling New Zealand: The railroad posters that made a nation want to see their world

Winter in the coldest city on Earth – in pictures

“Located south of the Arctic Circle, in Russia’s far east, Yakutsk is known for its severe climate.”

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