Travel Newsletter: 18 June 2021

The genesis of Southwest Airlines, the renaissance of Trieste, exploring Greece’s unseen corners, and more travel reads.

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City. We are still social distancing here, with another two weeks being added this week, so there is no domestic travel for the foreseeable future.

I don’t have any new posts on Nomadic Notes this week as I have been working on other things (I made a draft for a post for next week). At Future Southeast Asia I put together an article about a possible metro in Phnom Penh, and a map of all current and planned metro systems in Southeast Asia.

Here are some of the best travel reads I found this week.

Travel and COVID-19

How to survive world’s longest coronavirus hotel quarantine: 3 Hongkongers tell how they endured 21 long days in isolation

What a note from a time capsule found on a plane said

“More than a year after Delta parked a plane, a pilot found it in the cockpit.”

Royal Exhibition Building COVID-19 vaccine hub, Melbourne: Australia's UNESCO World Heritage-listed vaccination centre

Assorted travel reads

Hot pants, love potions, and the go-go genesis of Southwest Airlines

“Fifty years ago this month, the Dallas-based carrier first took flight. Those who were there reflect on its past as it confronts a future shaped by the pandemic.”

This historic Mediterranean crossroads is seeing a modern renaissance

“Trieste, an overlooked cultural gem in northern Italy, is poised for a new era of prosperity as nations vie for access to its once vibrant port.”

Exploring Greece’s unseen corners

“For several years, a photographer has documented local Greek customs and attire, turning his lens toward his country’s vibrant traditional culture.”

How to prepare and maintain a car for a 50,000 mile road trip around the world

“From a man who quit his job and hit the road...for years.”

All aboard the Cambodian cafe train to nowhere

Pan Am flight attendant’s high life in 1960s Hong Kong, flying Vietnam war troops for R&R, and the welcome that surprised her when she went back to Vietnam decades later

Who wants a hotel with a hallway anyway?

““Motor lodges.” “High-end motels.” “Exterior-corridor hotels.” Whatever you call them, the “motorist’s hotel” has gotten a boost these past 15 months. Now about that reputation …”

What it's like to live on the road in a van or bus

“For the last four years, Kevin Craft and his family have been living in an eight-metre-long bus.”

This observation tower design literally anchors two tectonic plates in Iceland

SpaceX’s Starlink is in talks with ‘several’ airlines for in-flight Wi-Fi

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