Travel Newsletter - 12 June, 2020

Visiting Hoi An without international tourists.

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I did a blog!

Usually this weekly newsletter includes updates of blog posts at Nomadic Notes, in addition to curated travel reads. After no blog posts for 7 weeks I’ve posted a new travel article about my first trip after the lockdown.

The Vietnam economy is recovering well, and domestic travel is getting back to normal. I’m waiting to see what international connections to Vietnam are going to resume first, but until then I have domestic trips by plane, train, and bus planned for the next few months.

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Visiting Hoi An without international tourists

Visiting Hoi An after the pandemic lockdown. With no international flights, Vietnam is currently in a domestic travel bubble. Here is what it looks like.

COVID-19 Travel News

As countries are trying to work out their strategy for reopening for international tourism, here are two completely different approaches.

Cambodia are looking to charge a $3000 deposit for visitors to the country to cover potential medical expenses. While in Cyprus, they guarantee care for any visitor who comes down with Covid-19.

There are so many updates for each country that it would be futile to list them all here. Here is a good resource from IATA: Interactive Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations Map.

I flew on American Airlines during a pandemic (and won’t be doing it again)

They were on a quest to visit every country. Then coronavirus happened.

Indonesia’s Bali becomes coronavirus hideout for foreigners amid pandemic

Life after COVID: Europeans want to keep their cities car-free

#VanLife: how a pandemic affects life on the road

On a specially chartered COVID-19 repatriation flight, Nepali film celebrity Vijay Lama pilots Australians home

Travel News

From ‘disgraceful’ to ‘breathtaking’: La Guardia’s $4 billion makeover

“An airport long regarded as among the least inviting in the United States unveils an airy, art-filled terminal.”

RegioJet announces ticket prices for the new train from Prague to Rijeka

Estonia woos remote workers with a digital nomad visa

Italy announces a new trail that will connect all of its national parks

Snake slithers onto VietJet plane 🐍 ✈️ 😱

Assorted Travel Reads

Khon Kaen Transit System – The proposed light rail transit (LRT) in Khon Kaen

“The Khon Kaen Transit System (KKTS) is a proposed light rail transit (LRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Khon Kaen Khon in the Isaan region of Northeast Thailand.”

Traveling as a black guy: treats, trials and tribulations

Inside a black family’s cross-country RV trip

“Journalist Janine Rubenstein took her family on a road trip from New Jersey to California just days before George Floyd’s murder set this nation ablaze. Here’s what they learned about motor homes, the country and life, along the way.”

Flying Tel Aviv to Cairo with a mysterious “paper only” airline

Regular readers of this newsletter may recall I recently linked to an article about this flight. Here is a first-hand account of what it is like.

Finding euphoria in Bangkok’s food scene

My lockdown fantasy: I wish I was back in the bustling, mind-blowing beauty of Phnom Penh

When the West went East: photos of China’s treaty ports

Austria’s tiny village with 10,000 day-trippers

The “$1 house in Italy” is a recurring story, and here is another one:

Cinquefrondi: the 'Covid-free' Italian town selling $1 houses

Buying old houses in Japan is also a thing:

Expats buy Japanese country house for a song and get way more than they bargained for

This map shows where on Earth humans aren’t

“A new map shows where people have the lowest impact—but are those the best places to protect?”

I wouldn’t object if my Grab driver turned up on this.

Travel Video

Amsterdam - My Home 4K | Timelapse Film

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A road side altar under the metro line under construction. I said a prayer to the metro gods to hurry up and finish.
June 6, 2020

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