New blog post about marvellous Mostar

Cambodia is open for travel, Russia’s train hoppers, and more travel reads.

DUBAI - I’m in the second week of my 3-week stay in Dubai. It’s an enormous city (in terms of size), so I just pick one area near a metro station every day to visit and work my way from there. I’m getting a better feel for where to stay and what to see, so I will condense it down into guides for people who are visiting on a stopover.

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Notes on Mostar – Visiting the famous bridge of Bosnia and Herzegovina

COVID-19 and travel

Cambodia to waive quarantine requirements Nov 15, no PCR test required

Cambodia has now reopened for travel.

Cruises resuming after COVID-19 pandemic: How ships are restarted after a long break

Assorted travel reads

Inside a volcanic ritual on the Indonesian island of Java

“During the Hindu ceremony of Yadnya Kasada, the Tenggerese people toss offerings — food, money, flowers, livestock — into the hazy crater of Mount Bromo.”

The home is the future of travel

“The CEO of Airbnb thinks the lines separating life, work, and vacations will keep getting blurrier.”

On the road with Russia’s train hoppers

Iceland’s genius parody of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse to woo tourists

This is actually funny. If you are confused about the face paint, at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland you can apply white volcanic mud that looks like Zuckerberg’s sunscreen face.

What the end of The Best American Travel Writing says About travel writing—And about America

“Thomas Swick on the uncertain future of a durable genre.”

A guide to your 1816 stagecoach journey (part one)

Next time I complain about a long bus trip I will think of this (h/t The Browser).

Zipair to become 1st budget airline to link Asia with N. America

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