Little Europe on Phu Quoc island

China's high-speed railway, the volcano in Iceland, Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains, a cool tube map of Southeast Asia, and more travel reads.

Hello from Ho Chi Minh City. This week I caught up with my backlog of blog posts, and with no travel on the horizon it might be time to start local blogging. We are back to waiting to see if we go through another lockdown here. At the moment it’s a street-by street lockdown, so vaccines can’t come soon enough.

Covid broke a 20-year run for me where I would visit Europe at least one a year. It’s now looking like it will be 2 straight years without a Euro visit. I had a weird taste of Europe last month when I visited Phu Quoc, were as you will see in this week’s blog post, there are all these new European-style neighbourhoods. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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What else would you expect to see from the President of Iceland’s house…

And this one looks like an album cover of a Nordic heavy metal band. I had to check to see if was real (the noise appears to be traffic and not actual volcano noises).

Click through to watch this time-lapse of a pilots perspective of the starry sky


Southeast Asia in a tube

[Click for full size]

Loved this concept map by Stuart from Travelfish. This map groups famous places and foods of Southeast Asia into different lines of the London Underground network. You can read about how the map came to be here, which he put together while recovering his health.

I had a similar experience in 2016 when I ruptured a disc and was bed bound. I didn’t feel like doing my normal work, so I made a map of proposed railways of Southeast Asia.

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