I'm in Croatia 😮

The Faroe Islands, the flying Winnebago, following forgotten female explorers, and more travel reads.

Greetings from Zagreb, where I’m still confused about the location change. After over 17 months in Vietnam, it was time to move on. With the combination of visa uncertainties and more lockdowns ahead, it was better to leave while I still had options.

I booked a ticket last Tuesday and then flew out on Saturday. It felt so rushed that I wasn’t sure if I had all my paperwork in order, so I didn’t mention it in last week’s newsletter. I was prepared to be told that I was missing a travel document and be turned away. I will post more about the trip in next week’s blog post.

This all happened so quickly that I haven’t made any future plans. I will get my second vaccination shot here and then see where to stay next. What I do know is that it is Friday, so I get to sort through the best travel reads for the weekly Nomadic Notes Travel Newsletter.

COVID-19 and travel

• Qantas expects to resume flights from December to highly-vaccinated countries

Going back to Australia was on my shortlist, but Australia is not ready for international travel yet. I will be waiting to see if this works out.

• Palau loses virus-free status with first Covid cases

• In this remote American outpost, pandemic recovery is a faraway dream

“Tourism-dependent Guam has done almost everything it can to restart its economy. Its Asian neighbors may have to bounce back first.”

Assorted travel reads

• In the Faroe Islands, a photographer meets locals embracing their roots

“On a quest to explore the remote archipelago, photographer Celeste Noche captured how the Faroese are adapting ancient traditions to a modern world.”

• Herat is the cultural heart of Afghanistan. Can it survive the Taliban?

“A city of poets and artists, Herat once challenged Florence for splendour. In defiance of the Taliban, Heratis have tried to keep that spirit alive.”

• What makes L.A. unlike any other city on earth?

“Rosecrans Baldwin set off to make sense of the vast and bewitching city-state of Los Angeles—and discovered that Americans have been misunderstanding the place for years.”

• In the steps of history's forgotten female explorers

“Walking in the footsteps of history's intrepid women explorers, Elise Wortley hopes to shine new light on these adventurers and inspire a new generation.”

• Why it’s time to stop calling Central Asia ‘The Stans’

“To many Westerners, Central Asian countries are exotic destinations that ’all sound the same‘. Here’s the thing: they’re not.”

• Qantas says it could fly to London via Darwin

I have written before about how Darwin should be an air hub.

• I don’t even open the fridge door I am that terrified of minibar prices…

• Winnebago made a flying RV that camped where no other RV could

• Reason #1827 I’m glad I gave up drinking

• Reason #2831 to get a window seat…

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