Croatia's cool capital of Zagreb

The Skeleton Coast, a Tube station for Pink Floyd's famous album cover, an even more walkable Paris, wandering the backstreets of Tokyo, and more travel reads.

Greetings from Šibenik, Croatia. I will confess that I had never heard of it until I was working out where to go next on this trip, but it has turned out to be one of those great small cities of Europe. There is a train here as well, and studying the rail system in this part of the world has given me some ideas for my Europe Rail site. I’m also working on some big rail posts for Future Southeast Asia, and blogging weekly at Nomadic Notes. All this while taking in new sites around Croatia.

[Šibenik, Croatia.]

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• Battersea Power Station (of Pink Floyd Animals fame) is getting a Tube station next week.

[Via Transport for London.]

• One of the reasons I like wandering the backstreets of Tokyo…

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