Back in Istanbul, after far too long away

Soviet-era metros, Istanbul’s travelling dog, a photo trip to the Faroe Islands, and more travel reads.

ISTANBUL - After two great months in the Balkans I now make my way in a southeasterly direction, which will eventually lead me back to a reopened Australia. It’s been over 8 years since I was last in Istanbul, and like my last visit in 2013, I find myself exclaiming that I should spend more time here. For now, I will take this stopover.

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Assorted travel reads

A photo trip to the Faroe Islands

The stunning grandeur of Soviet-era metros

“Between 2014 and 2020, Frank Herfort visited more than 770 metro stations in 19 cities, creating a remarkable archive of architectural and artistic splendor.”

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The adventures of Boji, Istanbul’s traveling dog

How a Portuguese fishing village tamed a 100ft wave

Can a map rekindle London’s love of walking?

“By charting the city’s most walkable corridors, the Footways project invites residents to get around by foot — and demand better pedestrian infrastructure.”

The greatest book(s) on Africa ever written?

Tyler Cowan’s unconventional suggestion would also make for a good travel guide.

Here’s how Arctic islands look through all 4 seasons, as captured by “The Aurora Hunter”

Saudi Arabia plans to convert an offshore oil rig into a luxury extreme sports amusement park

New Netherlands to Norway ferry service to launch in 2022

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