My first proper visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The pandemic’s party capital, the blue men of the Sahara, a dream railway for the Central Highlands of Vietnam, and more travel reads.

Greetings from Sarajevo! After a wonderful month in Croatia it’s good to be in a new country (new to me at least). I’ve technically been to Bosnia and Herzegovina before, but I was just passing through on my first visit. I’ve just posted my monthly roundup which explains more about the technicalities of when you can say you’ve been to a country, and more news on what I’ve been up to.

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Where I’m At: October 2021 – Sarajevo

COVID-19 and travel

These are the main stories I’ve been following this week:

Australia reveals plan to reopen international borders to fully vaccinated citizens

I will be able to return to Australia sooner if there is no longer a hotel quarantine system.

Thailand to reopen to more vaccinated visitors from November

Thailand is also talking of scrapping the hotel quarantine in November, so that is another option.

HCMC regains groove on first day of new normal

Saigon reopened today after over one month of hard lockdown. There is still no timeline for when international travel will resume. I am happy to see my friends able to emerge from inside.

How Asia, once a vaccination laggard, is revving up inoculations

“Several countries are now on track to surpass the United States in fully vaccinating their populations, lifting hopes of a more permanent return to normality.”

And hopefully more countries in Asia are ready to reopen in early 2022.

Assorted travel reads

My accidental visit to the pandemic’s party capital

“Kyiv was supposed to be a quick layover for the writer Rosa Lyster. But its underground nightlife turned out to be just what she needed.”

We leave the country for the first time in two years

The blue men of the Sahara

Proposed railways of the Central Highlands in Vietnam

I made a map of what a Central Highlands railway could look like.

Angkor was never a “lost city”

“Angkor was never abandoned or forgotten. Enough already with this outdated trope.” (via the Travelfish Newsletter).

Qatar Airways is voted the World’s Best Airline for the sixth time at the 2021 World Airline Awards

This dog flew Singapore Airlines business class from Sydney to Italy

“High-flying fido is upgraded from a kennel in the cargo hold to row 1 in business class.”

China’s ugliest buildings are being put to a vote

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